This is a first-of-its-kind outdoor event

Join us as early as Thursday afternoon to check-in, get settled, and unwind under the stars. Your next three days will be spent on the trail, climbing rocks, playing on the water, learning new skills, making new friends, listening to music, and relaxing by the campfire. Your schedule can be as full or as mellow as you like, and is 100% customizable based on your interests and skill level.

You're in for 3-days of pure outdoor fun

We are committed to making the outdoors easier to access than ever, and we have curated an immersive experience that is convenient, encouraging, and just plain fun.

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Amazing Adventures

Fill your days with rock climbing, stand up paddling, yoga, mountain biking, and more. Whether you're a beginner or looking to improve, this is for you. We offer friendly, world-class instruction for all skill-levels!

Time To Unwind

After a long day of adventuring, you'll need some time to rest up and unwind. With a wide variety of comfy lodging, chill hang out zones, and delicious meal options, you'll be re-energized for a new, fun-filled day.


Good Times

Check your stress at the front door - this is going to be a lot of fun! Enjoy a relaxed schedule, nightly open bars, delicious meals, campfires, live music, and good people.

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Cool Classes

Our field sessions are designed to help you learn essential outdoor skills in a fun, hands-on environment. Immerse yourself in the finer points of wilderness first-aid, camp cooking, landscape photography, wilderness survival, astronomy, and much more.


At The Outbound Collective, our goal has always been to improve access to the outdoors for people of all backgrounds, wherever they're from, and whatever their ability level. We're excited to be working with amazing partners who share this vision, and who are helping us bring the CamelBak Pursuit Series to life. 


we're bringing our online community, offline.

If you're looking for an escape into the outdoors with like-minded adventurers, look no further.
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